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High Risk Pregnancies

Over 4,000,000 women will have babies in the U.S. this year. The majority of women have normal, healthy pregnancies. Yet as many as one in four will experience complications, and some of their babies will be at risk for premature birth or developmental issues.

  • 1,680,000 will have placentas that form too low in the uterus
  • 1,050,000 will develop problems with blood pressure (hypertension, preeclampsia or HELLP)
  • 840,000 will have abnormal bleeding
  • 504,000 will develop pregnancy (gestational) diabetes
  • 380,000 will have premature labor
  • 12,600 will have such severe nausea or vomiting that they will require hospitalization

Whether it’s gestational diabetes or blood pressure problems, a low-forming placenta or premature labor, the Bon Secours health care team can help.

Our region-leading nurse staffing ratios give our nurses the time to help you achieve the birth and parenting experience you want. And, in the few cases when technology is needed, our hospitals both have the latest in just-in-case high-risk care, including neonatal intensive care (NICU), neonatology, our Virginia-first and maternal-fetal medicine (perinatology). You will work with women and men who understand what you are going through, as professionals and as mothers and fathers. And, while we take our work very seriously, you are as likely to see a warm, welcoming smile as emergency equipment, because we love what we do.