My Baby My Way

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Tessa J., 25

Between working full-time and going back to school for her master’s, Tessa had very little time to focus on the details of her pregnancy. “I’m either working or on my way to class,” Tessa said. “When I’m home, I’m studying or spending time with my husband. I don’t have time for much else, especially getting ready for my new baby.” Tessa discussed her situation with her doctor who then took charge. “When she recommended Bon Secours, I didn’t second-guess her,” Tessa said. “I trusted her to make the best decisions for my baby and me. Plus, with a low C-section rate and its excellent reputation in the community, I knew Bon Secours would be my choice.” Tessa’s doctor knew she was nervous about taking care of such a tiny infant so she recommended she take a newborn care and safety class with Love & Learn. “By the end of the class I was so much more relaxed about bringing home the baby!”

Tessa delivered her healthy son. Because she struggled to breastfeed her first baby, she appreciated the support from her lactation consultant who helped make it easier. “Quiet Time was another pleasant way to bond with my baby and enjoy the stillness that I couldn’t get at home,” she added. “I’m also enjoying the Baby Club discounts. It’s a big help for families like mine on a tight budget.”