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Rachel A., 40

When Rachel’s daughter was born 12 years ago, everything went smoothly. Natural delivery. No worries. And no complications. Since then, Rachel’s health changed. “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and have a family history of diabetes,” she said. “I have a difficult time managing my condition even though I try to eat right, exercise and take my medications like I should. When I found out I was pregnant again, I was really scared. I wasn’t a young mom this time. Was it safe to give birth now? Could I breastfeed while taking my medicine? I had so many questions. I wanted everything to turn out right.”

Rachel chose Bon Secours after her doctor recommended she tour the Birthing Center. “It was close to my office and had an excellent reputation for supporting mothers with complicated pregnancies,” said Rachel. “It was very reassuring to know their maternal-fetal medicine specialists and NICU were right there in case we needed them.” Rachel also liked the variety of Love and Learn classes. “I met some other moms who were going through a similar situation as mine,” she said. With help from the hospital before, during and after her pregnancy, Rachel and baby Oliver are happy and doing well.