My Baby My Way

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Kerri J., 22

Even though she and her husband weren’t planning to have a baby right now, Kerri was excited – and a little nervous – to hear her doctor tell her she was pregnant. “I thought, ‘now what?’” she said. “I was going to be a first-time mom who knew nothing about babies. I’d never even babysat before. I’d also heard many women at work talk about the benefits of breastfeeding but I had no idea how to do it or if I’d even be able to do it.” That’s when she turned to her doctor, family and friends for support and recommendations.

“When they mentioned Bon Secours’ extensive new parent services, I went online to learn more,” Kerri said. “I even toured their Birthing Center and saw how homelike and private the rooms were. I learned that Bon Secours was supportive of breastfeeding mothers and that’s when I knew it was the place for me.” Kerri also took advantage of the Love and Learn classes. “I now know how to bathe, diaper and calm my baby. I’m also glad that my Mom, sister and husband can attend the classes with me.” When Kerri’s baby boy was born, “It was baby-to-breast right from the start,” she said happily. Kerri was able to have her son stay in the room with her instead of the nursery and also received further breastfeeding support from A Woman’s Place Lactation Center after she went home. “They really care about me and my baby. Thanks to support of everyone at St. Mary’s Hospital, we’re doing just fine.”