My Baby My Way

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Heather E., 26

“When I learned that our first baby was on the way, I wanted to enjoy every phase of pregnancy,” Heather said. “I continued to eat and rest well, do yoga and meditate to stay well and enjoy a fit pregnancy. I also stopped working so much overtime so I could focus more on the baby and me.” As her “bump” grew in her second trimester, Heather was fascinated by how nature knew exactly what to do inside and outside of her body.

That’s when Heather started thinking about her delivery options. “I knew I wanted to deliver at a hospital that would allow me to labor naturally with my baby and my body leading the way. At that point I knew Bon Secours was the best choice for me.” Heather was also excited about the CenteringPregnancy® program where she could connect with other participants in lively, patient-centered groups for additional education, support and social interaction. “I chose a midwife and hydrotherapy services to manage my labor,” Heather added. “When Piper was born, there was no medical intervention. And our daily quiet time together was a wonderful bonding experience for our new family.”