My Baby My Way

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Gabrielle L., 30

New to the United States, Gabrielle was experiencing lots of “firsts” in her life: her first full-time job, her husband’s first deployment since they married, and her first pregnancy. “I was worried and feeling very isolated,” Gabrielle said. “My English speaking skills are limited and I am learning my way around a new city. My family is far away and I miss having my mother around to comfort and guide me through my pregnancy and delivery.” Her biggest fear was not knowing what to do or where to turn for advice if she experienced complications.

A neighbor told Gabrielle about Bon Secours, which was near her home. “I scheduled a tour and knew this was the place for me and my baby,” Gabrielle said. “The rooms were private and felt like I was at home instead of in a hospital. I was also relieved to know that their mom-baby medical specialists were right there if we needed them.” Gabrielle took advantage of all the hospital’s services including Parenting Partners classes before delivering and post-delivery support from a lactation consultant. “I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl and am so grateful for the good help Bon Secours gave us.”