My Baby My Way

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Erica D., 29

Right after she received the good news that she was expecting, second-time mom-to-be, Erica, started planning the details of her baby’s arrival. “It didn’t take me long to pick out possible names, nursery colors and baby furniture,” she said laughing. “My family and co-workers jokingly asked if I also planned my own due date. But I just wanted everything to go right this time. My first delivery didn’t happen as I wanted it to, but I still had a healthy, happy baby in the end.” While that part of her birth plan was out of her control, choosing the right hospital was another thing Erica knew she could do.

“My doctor gave me lots of good advice and encouraged me to make important decisions, especially about where and how I wanted to deliver my baby,” said Erica. “I chose Bon Seocurs because they had a low C-section rate and welcomed my doula to help me through labor. On my facility tour they mentioned the 39 week initiative which keeps babies safe by not allowing elective inductions before 39 weeks gestation.” Erica participated in several Love and Learn classes to prepare for birth. She even signed up her husband for a diapering class. “When our precious daughter was born, we experienced Magic Hour – a wonderful quiet time when we spent her first hour of life holding her and bonding our family. It’s a memory I’ll always treasure.”