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Diane K., 34

Even with a lot of help from her husband, Diane, a stay-at-home mom with two young children, had a full daily schedule. “We juggled church activities, one child’s T-ball practice and the other’s ballet classes,” said Diane. “Now, we’re expecting our third child and I don’t have time to fully focus on my pregnancy like I want to. Thankfully, I have an excellent doctor who I know I can trust to help me plan for the birth.”

Diane wanted a hospital close to home that also offered everything she needed under one roof. “A one-stop shop is what I was hoping to find,” she said. When her doctor recommended Bon Secours, she went online for more information. “My doctor was right. The hospital has spacious, LDR rooms where I would stay during my labor, delivery and recovery.” Diane also liked that her hospital had expert OB hospitalists who could work closely with her doctor, answer questions and provide around-the-clock care during her hospital stay. Her doctor reassured her that she’d also have support from on-site lactation consultants and 90 minutes of Quiet Time to relax and bond with her new baby uninterrupted every day. “When our son was born, I felt so pampered and calm. I definitely know my doctor helped me make the right choice.”