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Blake S., 32

When it comes to managing the details of a busy family-work life, Blake is a pro. “Like many people, I have a full-time career, husband and one child that keeps me moving,” said Blake. “I was great at planning ahead and keeping everything together for our family.” Even her first pregnancy and delivery went as Blake had planned. “My baby was born a week early and I was able to deliver without any pain medication, just as I’d hoped to do.”

Blake wished for the same when she was expecting her second baby, but things didn’t quite follow her plans. “My due date came and went,” she said. Blake went to the hospital nine days post-due date and was induced. “I went into labor and had dilated three centimeters.” When 15 hours passed, Blake got an epidural “because the pain was far worse than I remembered,” she said, “and my labor wasn’t progressing normally.” First on Blake’s birth plan was a healthy baby and healthy mom, so when things quickly worsened health-wise an emergency C-section was the only option. “My doctor and the nurses reassured me and explained everything that was happening. Once Henry was born, a neonatologist evaluated him and a nurse immediately held him in place on my chest while the doctor finished my surgery. He rode back to the room, still on my chest, and we spent a wonderful Magic Hour bonding as a family. I was relieved that I was still able to experience all of this even with a C-section.”