My Baby My Way

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Betsy S.

A couple of weeks after Betsy discovered that she was expecting twins, she learned that she would be requiring some extra care and needed move in to Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center for bed rest. “Those baby girls were excited to get out, a little early… Truth is, I was terrified — I believe we were 24 weeks along and the uncertainty was unnerving to say the least,” recalled Betsy.

“I can say with zero hesitation that we would not have made it through the next 10 weeks without the nursing staff at St. Francis Medical Center,” she said. Betsy and her husband, Matt, quickly got to know the St. Francis nurses, who made her relax and laugh and as she described it, “feel like a human again.” Betsy said, “They were working their nurse magic without me even realizing it and shift by shift, my respect, love and deep admiration grew exponentially for the work of all the Labor and Delivery ladies.”

The weeks passed by and at 34 weeks, Betsy gave birth to two beautiful, healthy little girls. Allie Raye and Skyla Blue made their grand entrance on the evening of the Fourth of July.

“We were so happy to leave the hospital routine and return to our home, but still there were tears to have to let go of our St. Francis family after so long,” Betsy said. “We hold huge love and appreciation for St. Francis Labor and Delivery — there was no better place for us to be during that chapter; it was the next best thing to home.”